VPS Server vs Dedicated Server

When considering a web hosting service that will be able to provide you with more than shared web hosting or reseller web hosting, the two web hosting services are likely to come to mind will be VPS servers and dedicated servers. When it comes to choosing between VPS servers and dedicated servers the one main deciding factor is likely to be the price of the web hosting services rather than the features that are on offer; VPS servers are aimed at those with small to medium budgets whilst most dedicated servers are only really seen as being affordable by businesses with bigger budgets. VPS servers are relatively powerless when compared to dedicated servers because a VPS server is still classed as a form of shared web hosting to some degree; the resources of a VPS server will reflect this, with even the most expensive VPS servers missing the power provided by having your own dedicated processor. Dedicated servers are far more expensive under most circumstances, but you are provided with your own physical server that you won’t be sharing with any other users to any degree allowing you to have full use of the resources that form your dedicated server.

What can a VPS server offer me over a dedicated server?

Compared to a dedicated server, VPS server hosting will be able to offer you a much cheaper solution to receiving a dedicated web hosting environment that you will be able to customize as per your needs. Other benefits of using a VPS server as opposed to a dedicated server include:

  • Web-based management – depending on the virtualisation platform that your web hosting provider is using, you should be provided with access to a web based control panel so that you are able to manage the state of your server using a control panel rather than the actual interface of your server – web-based management is a big benefit for those who aren’t up to scratch with server management because it provides them with a way of managing their server without the need for a great deal of knowledge – it is important to take into consideration that a system administration control panel for VPS servers isn’t part of the VPS server’s file system and so you can easily install a proper control panel such as cPanel without creating any issues
  • Low cost server hosting – VPS server hosting has enabled those with lower web hosting budgets to access server hosting because a VPS server is able to provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment within the context of a shared web hosting environment – as there are multiple VPS servers hosted per single physical node, it is rather easy for web hosting companies to offer VPS servers at a lower price than dedicated servers, although you do pay for this in the way that the resources of a VPS server will never truly match those of a dedicated server.

What can a dedicated server offer me over a VPS server?

Dedicated servers are far more powerful than VPS servers and will be able to provide businesses with a stable platform on which they will be able to establish their online presence. Other benefits of choosing a dedicated server over a VPS server:

  • Reliability – a dedicated server is seen as being more reliable than a VPS server because you will have full use of the resources that you have purchased and won’t have to share any portion of those resources with any other users – the main reason that businesses have for purchasing dedicated servers is that they require a stable web hosting platform on which they can develop their online presence without having to worry about whether their website and other online facilities will be available for customers to access – if your website is going receive a large number of hits each month then it is important for you to choose a higher specification dedicated server so that you have the resources available to cope with the high visitor numbers and any load spikes that you may experience
  • Expandability – as a dedicated server is a physical server, you have more headroom for expansion than with a VPS server because you can add in additional hardware resources required, whereas with a VPS server you are limited by the resources of the hosting node which will be limited because of the other VPS servers also hosted on the same node – for the most part expanding the resources of an existing server is usually much cheaper than upgrading to an entirely different server which is why dedicated servers are popular for hosting ever-expanding websites – however, the policy of expandability is entirely down to your chosen web hosting company as some may simply prefer for their customers to upgrade to a new server rather than modifying their existing server
  • Security – another factor that businesses will want from a web hosting service that they are going to be hosting their customers’ personal details on is security because of any malicious attackers see that information, the business could be in trouble – as you won’t be sharing your dedicated server hosting environment with anyone else, it is fairly easy for you to set a level of security that is applicable to what you are using your server for, in this case you will need a high level of security to guarantee that your server can’t be hacked to any degree.

In conclusion, although VPS servers and dedicated servers are forms of dedicated web hosting, both have something different to offer and are aimed at different target audiences. VPS servers are designed for the lower end of the market as is evident with the price of any VPS server when compared to a dedicated server; however, you are still provided with your own guaranteed resources and dedicated web hosting environment. A dedicated server on the other hand is designed with businesses in mind and will provide you with a hosting service that isn’t shared with anyone else to any degree, although at a higher price.

VPS Server vs Dedicated Server
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