Trick To Install Windows XP In Less Than 15 Minutes

Window XP is the most popular window in the world. It is used by most of the PC users. Even Window 7 and Window 8 are out in market but popularity of Window XP has not been decreased. New laptops come with pre-installed Window 7 but PC users are still using Window XP. The reason behind this is that XP is much faster than Window 7. Even Window 7 is good looking and comes with some new features but Window XP is more reliable than Window 7. Also Window XP is easier to use. Even some of the users are degrading their computer from Window 7 to Window XP due to this reason. Window 7 installation time is very less than Window XP. So the users when try to install the Window XP, they become sick of it due to its slow installation process. Window XP takes around 40 min for installation process. So in this post i will tell you about a trick that will help you to install the Window XP in just 15 minutes. So this will save a lot of your time while installation process. To do so just follow the following procedure.


  1. First boot from Window XP disk as you always do.
  2. After all the files has been copied by the setup which are required for installation of Window XP, it will you to choose the location to install Window XP.
  3. Now after you choose the location to install Window XP, it will format that drive and then your PC will reboot.
  4. After your PC is rebooted, it will start the installation process and will show 40 minutes approx time to complete the installation process.
  5. Now its trick time! Press Shift+F10, it will bring a command prompt in front of you. Type “taskmgr” (without quotes) and hit enter. It will open up the task manager.
  6. Now in task manager click on process tab. Search for a process named “Setup.exe“.
  7. Right click on “Setup.exe” and then set its priority to high.
That’s all now though the priority is set to high, thus it will take approx 15 minutes to install the Window XP. I am pretty sure that you will like this trick. If you wanna share anything about this trick or need any help you can comment below.
Trick To Install Windows XP In Less Than 15 Minutes
Written by: AFRIDA YANTI
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