Top 5 reasons why you should go for a reliable web hosting provider

It can be tempting to cut costs by going with a cheaper web host, but these options are usually lacking in reliability and performance. Detailed below are five important reasons why your choice in web hosting service should not be aiming for the lowest bidder.

1. Downtime Costs Money

The most important factor in web hosting for a business is the host’s percentage of uptime. If a service provider drops below a number as seemingly high as 99% uptime, the impact on your business’s online presence is profound. When you consider that some hosts can drop below 90% uptime, this translates into a loss of one month of uptime for your website every year. A reliable web host will do everything they can to keep the uptime well above 99%, minimizing the losses.

2. Added Ads

When presenting a company image, the advertisements you choose to show on your website or store can reflect on the company philosophy. If you decide to go with a more economical option, there is a chance that the web host will include ads they decide on within your web page. A more reliable host will allow you full control of what is displayed on your page, allowing you to show your own advertisements or none at all, if you prefer.

3. Less Reliable Customer Service

It is not a certainty, as some free or low cost service providers do take the time to ensure the people they host for have their issues handled promptly and with class. Unfortunately, the majority of the income for most comes from their own advertisements, shifting their priority to handling requests from these sponsors. A proper hosting service will not have split priorities and be able to focus all of their customer service power into helping their site owners.

4. Bandwidth Allocation Woes

As your business grows, so should the amount of traffic your website gets. Unless your plan includes the cost of unlimited data transfer, there is an upper limit of how much data the web host will send, usually measured by the month. Reaching the limit can cause your website to begin to load extremely slow as the transfer speeds are throttled, or it can mean a complete shut down of service. A higher quality hosting plan will be sure to give you the tools you need to monitor traffic, notify you of impending overages, and help you decide on the right limit for your needs.

5. Compensation for Lack of Reliability

Even the most prepared hosting company can suffer from unforeseen events that cause too much downtime. If the company advertises 99.5% uptime, and it drops below 99%, this is an unexpected potential .5% loss of online sales activity. A company that is honest and reliable will be ready to acknowledge this possibility, and will have a policy in place to provide compensation if their hosting services drop below the uptime their clients paid to receive.

A reliable web host can make all the difference in how useful your website becomes. Take the time to carefully review your choice in hosting providers, and strongly consider opting for professional and reliable service. The best web hosting services which I used most are the HostgatorGodaddy and Cheap Best Hosting. It is up to you to decide which fix your need.

Top 5 reasons why you should go for a reliable web hosting provider
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