Tips To Speed Up Your Computer’s Boot Time

Hello readers, so today i am going to post about how to speed up the boot time of your computer. As we all know the process that takes a lot of time while using a computer is its booting process. Many of the computer users used to put their computer on standby in order to avoid the computer booting time. Here i am going to tell you about some tweaks that i have been using from a long time and that reduces my PC’s booting time a lot.

Filter Programs That Runs at Startup

When you first install any software on your PC. It is set to be start automatically at the time of booting. So many programs are started when you start your PC. To start each and every program it takes a lot of time and that is known as booting time that decreases the booting performance. So by removing unwanted programs from the Startup list, it will make a lot of difference in booting performance and will dramatically decrease booting time. If you want to start any program, you can start it later by yourself. Now follow these steps to disable all unwanted programs

1.) Click on Start button at the bottom of left side of your PC.

2.) Now you have to open Run menu.

3.) In Run menu write “msconfig” and hit enter. A screen like this will appear. Now just click on Startup.

4.) Now you will see the programs installed on your PC over there and before those check boxes will be there. If check boxes are ticked means they will start automatically at booting process. So all we have to do is to uncheck all those programs which we don’t want at the window Startup. I will suggest you to uncheck all the programs except your antivirus.

Now after unchecking all the unwanted programs click on “Apply” and then click “OK“. It will ask you to restart you PC. Just make it restart and when your PC will Startup, you will feel a great difference in booting speed, because it will only start those programs that you have checked in that list.

Remove Unnecessary Fonts

When you Startup your computer it will load many fonts. Window 7 loads more than 200+ fonts at Startup , if Microsoft Office in your PC. Its very common that we use very few of these fonts. So we can hide the unwanted fonts that will speed up booting process. To hide the unwanted fonts follow these steps

1.) First click on Start button at the bottom of left side of your PC.

2.) Now click on Control Panel. Find for Fonts in menu. Then click on Fonts. You will see something like following image over there.

3.) Now click on any Font that you don’t use and not want to load at Startup then click on “Hide” that is present in menu over all the fonts.

If you ever wanted those fonts you can simply click on them. Instead of “Hide” you will see “Show” option then, you can just click Show to make it load on Startup. Just removing a few fonts will not make a lot of difference. You have to get rid of few hundred to make a noticeable difference.

 Use a Static IP

At every Startup you PC spends a lot of time asking network for an IP address. To get rid of this you can give your PC a static IP. IP is set to get automatically. So every time it will ask to get new IP from network, that takes a lot of time. Static IP is an IP that always remain same and never change. So it will not take time to contact your ISP to get an automatic IP.You can contact your ISP to know your static IP.

Disable Unused Hardware 

At PC Startup it loads a lot of unwanted hardware drivers that we don’t need to use like floppy drives, Bluetooth etc. This decreases the booting time a lot. Well there is an option to avoid this problem. Right click on My Computer and then navigate to properties and then go to “Device Manager“. In Device Manager you can right click on any unwanted device and then you can easily disable that by clicking disable. You can use the same procedure to enable them.

Enable Quick Boot From BIOS

While Startup your PC looks for the CD’s, thumb drives or other media. This consumes a lot of time for Startup. By disabling this the booting time will reduce a lot. To enable quick boot, first enter the BIOS by clicking delete or F8 key (whatever it is set in your computer). Turn on the “Quick Boot” option and move your hard disk to the top of the boot priority list. This will surely reduce the booting time.

Keep Your Anti-Virus Program Updated 

Well you will be thinking how keeping Anti-virus updated will help in reducing the booting time. So for your knowledge, there are many malwares that can attack your computer. These malwares can make your computer really slow. So to avoid such malwares keep your Anti-Virus program updated.

Upgrade Your RAM

If after using the above methods your PC booting time is still slow, then most probably you need to upgrade your RAM. Some Operating system like Window 7 needs a lot of RAM. Window 7 32-Bit needs 2-4 GB of RAM to run properly and Window 7 64-Bit needs minimum 4 GB RAM to run properly. If you are using Window 7 and you RAM is not this much, then make sure you upgrade your RAM. You can also use a separate graphics memory to make you PC more faster. As if you are not using separate graphic memory then it will share it from RAM. That will decrease the speed of your PC. So make sure you use different graphic memory.

Tips To Speed Up Your Computer’s Boot Time
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