The Importance of Meta Descriptions and Link Building in SEO

The Meta description is a fundamental part of your websites SEO. It is one of the foundations of your websites optimization. If you are missing such fundamental part of your SEO–then what other fundamental parts are you missing? Not adding a Meta description is a sign that you are being lazy with your optimization.
You are missing out on a fundamental and free way of gaining traffic. If you are missing such simple operations then you are going to have to work even harder to link up your website if you want to rise up in the search engine results.

Meta Descriptions Make Your Life Easier

If we just look at Meta descriptions for their SEO value to start with, doesn’t it seem silly to miss them out if they are gaining you free traffic? They may not have a massive effect on your search ranking, but they are another drip of water being held behind the damn. Those drips of water add up, especially if you have a lot of web pages. In addition, it is probably a signal that you are missing out on other easy SEO elements.

Missing Meta Descriptions May Be The Tip of The Iceberg

If you are not bothering to add Meta descriptions then what else are you missing out? This is easy and basic stuff. It is so simple to add a Meta description that you have little excuse for not doing it.

Meta Descriptions Do Not Have a Massive Effect So Why Bother?

They may not kick you up the web ranking as quickly as link building, but it will add to your web ranking on a fundamental level. As your web pages get older and older, the search engines will start to pay more attention to them (so long as they are updated frequently). The basic and foundation elements of SEO will then start to matter even more, because they are the few constants that a search engine can work with.

What About The Google Dance?

This happens to all search engines. When they change and update their algorithm, the websites indexed by the search engine will rise and lower in the search engine results (a little like a dance). People who have filled out all of their basic SEO elements such as page titles, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, etc will not dance as wildly.

What About What The User Sees?

The Meta description is not often seen by the user when they type in keywords that relate to your site. This is why some people do not bother to put much effort into them, but what they fail to realize is that sometimes a user will type in certain keywords and your website will appear with your Meta description next to the link to your site.

Better still, if a user types in your websites domain name (sans the www bits) or your company name, then there is a very high chance that your web pages will appear with their Meta descriptions next to them. If your Meta descriptions are poor or non-existent then why should the user click on them?

How is Link Building Important?

It allows the search engines to see if your website is popular or not. A search engine will count how many links you have and will figure out if those links come from websites with related content. When it figures this out it will decide how popular you are. If you have many relevant links then the search engine will think that you are very popular and will put you near the top of the search results pages.

Links Drive Direct Traffic

People who see your links on other websites are able to follow them to get to your site. They will not even need to use a search engine because they can get to your website directly using that link. This is easier for them and very convenient for you.

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The Importance of Meta Descriptions and Link Building in SEO
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