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What part does a domain name play in the running of a website

When purchasing a new web hosting plan from, you will be required to provide a domain name that you can use with your new web hosting service. If you don’t already ...

How Do You Create A Backup Of Your Dedicated Server?

When it comes to web hosting, creating backup is an extremely crucial factor that has to be in place. If you have hosted the website on a dedicated server, you might be having a lot ...

install SQL Server on a Windows Dedicated Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular SQL-based database server application that is used by businesses of all sizes for the hosting of the databases that power both their internal- and ...

VPS Server vs Dedicated Server

When considering a web hosting service that will be able to provide you with more than shared web hosting or reseller web hosting, the two web hosting services are likely to come to ...

Windows Server vs Linux Server

Windows servers and Linux servers are offered by most web hosting companies that are looking to promote both platforms to their customers as a way of attracting a large number of customers ...
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