Secure Ecommerce Hosting

The nature of ecommerce hosting lends it towards being one of the most secure forms of web hosting available and any business that is seeking a web hosting plan for ecommerce purposes will want to be choosing a web hosting plan that can provide them with improved security so that they can provide customers with a guarantee over the security of their personal information. Some web hosting companies offer specialist ecommerce hosting services that take into account all of the major factors that a business is going to be considering and has tweaked these to provide a secure and reliable web hosting service suitable for the hosting of small business websites; larger businesses will be needing their own dedicated hosting environment so that they are able to install the applications and services needed to power their website, furthermore a dedicated hosting environment will also enable businesses to configure their servers with a level of security that matches their expectations – such an environment is achievable with a majority of cloud web hosting plans and dedicated servers. When your website is collecting and processing the personal details of your customers it is highly important for you to be confident in the security of the hosting environment as poor security could provide hackers with a potential route in that they could then exploit to steal the personal information of your customers; if such information is stolen from a business’s servers then it is usually the business that is held accountable. Uptime is the measure of the availability of your web hosting service over a given period, often a month; for all businesses a high level of uptime should be something else to expect from their chosen ecommerce hosting service because downtime (unavailability of your website) can result in lost revenues for your business.

What factors keep an ecommerce web hosting service secure?

The following factors are designed to provide ecommerce hosting users with a secure web hosting experience:

  • Dedicated hosting environment – if you choose to use a cloud web hosting plan or a dedicated server for your ecommerce hosting needs then you will benefit from a dedicated hosting environment that you won’t have to share with any other users, guaranteeing you your own resources to ensure that a stable environment is provided alongside a secure experience – although a dedicated hosting environment may set you back more than if you were to choose a shared ecommerce hosting plan, as you won’t have to share your dedicated environment with anyone else you can easily secure it to a level that will prevent hackers from being able to exploit any holes, furthermore you will have greater control over who has access to your virtual server or dedicated server – some businesses may be using custom-built solutions that require a specific set of applications and services running in the background to provide them with the extended functionality that they require and many ecommerce users will find that a shared hosting environment can only ever provide a limited set of applications and services, with the main benefit of choosing a virtual server or dedicated server being that you can install any applications of your choice to aid functionality or to improve security
  • SSL certificates – many ecommerce hosting plans will come with an SSL certificate that you can redeem to help secure your website because an SSL certificate is now one of the first things that online shoppers will look for in a website prior to entering any of their personal details – whether you choose a shared web hosting service or a dedicated hosting environment, an SSL certificate should be supported in any web hosting environment and your web hosting company can provide you with the necessary assistance to make sure that your SSL certificate is installed properly and is serving its core purpose of encrypting the information that is sent between your website and the computers of your visitors/customers – depending on the nature of your online shop, it may be worth investing in a strong SSL certificate to provide the best protection available and although these cost more, the cost of having a hacker eavesdrop on your visitors will be a lot more both financially and for the reputation of your company
  • Support – it is important for a web hosting provide to guarantee its corporate clients a high level of support so that issues can be dealt with as they arise, therefore reducing any impact that they could potentially have on the business’s activities – for many large businesses competent telephone support is high on their list of priorities of what to expect from a web hosting company as even though email is the most popular form of support more often than not, talking to a support representative over the phone can often provide added reassurance to the customer whilst enabling a clearer communication of the issue in hand – security through support is important as a support team can advise you on various security issues whilst providing assistance to configure services where necessary.

How can ecommerce hosting benefit my business?

An ecommerce hosting plan can provide your business with a platform on which you can develop an online presence that can simply translate into a website where you can promote your goods and services, or alternatively you can develop an online shop through which you can sell your goods and services to a much wider audience than you currently have access to.

If you have never used the internet to promote your business before now then you are missing out because you potentially have access to thousands of new customers from all over the world and this is something that you just can’t achieve when carrying out business on a more local level. Although setting up an ecommerce website does require an initial outlay for the ecommerce hosting plan and the development of your website, as long as you carry out your marketing properly then it shouldn’t be long at all before your website is able to pay for itself.

Secure Ecommerce Hosting
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