Perfect steps which help to apply for Google Adsense Account

Registering for Google Adsense, the world’s most profitable advertising platform is still a very big problem for many people. Adsense works through the Pay Per Click system and has better paying rates than any other networks on the internet. The approval system for Adsense is very strict and people may get disapproved for even making minor mistakes. The below given steps can help you to apply for an Adsense account without incurring any hassles:

Build a Good Site by Putting Emphasis on Quality

Buy a domain name and start building your website. Adsense doesn’t sites with sub-domain names. Put emphasis on quality when building your site as Google loves quality than quantity. After you buy a domain and start your work, you need to wait for about six months to register for Adsense. Use this precious time to build your blog or website as best as you can. Remember the ‘UU rule’ when building your website which means that your blog should have proper value to be recognized by Google. The remaining steps elucidate the things that should be kept in mind before applying for Adsense.


Have a Good Privacy Policy for Your Website

A privacy policy on your website will help your readers to know what they will get from your blog, what they should do and what they should not do. A website with a detailed privacy policy has better chances of getting approved by Adsense. You can try writing your own privacy policy or else you can use the services of privacy policy generators online.

Build a Good About Page and Contact Us Page

An about page describes the services offered by your website or your blog. It will also help potential advertisers to know more about your site. Write a good About page detailing about you, your site/blog, and the type of content that is available on your site. About page not only helps in building relationship with the visitors of your site but also build trust upon you. A website without an About page has almost zero chances of getting approved for Adsense. A clear Contact Us page with all the details like phone no.s, physical address of your office, Fax no.s, addresses of social media pages will make it clear to the Google Adsense team that you will care for your readers and advertisers in future.

Name, Email, and Age Verification

Give your name, Email, and age in some visible areas like About Us or Contact Us pages. Google will not approve Adsense for websites maintained by people below 18 years of age. The Name and Email details which are verifiable later will also confirm to Google that a genuine person is applying for Adsense.

Minimum Number of Posts

Remember to have a minimum number of posts before your apply for Adsense. While there are no guidelines from Adsense team regarding the minimum number of posts required, the commonly accepted minimum number is 60-70. Length of each post must be at-least 500 words. Some blogs even with some 500+ posts are also rejected by Google if they are rated to be of poor quality.

Content Type

Be careful regarding the type of content that is published on your site/blog. The content of your site truly matters when getting approved from Adsense. Adsense doesn’t approve sites with content related to pornography, drugs, and other illegal items. Google Adsense will also not approve non-English blogs/sites.

Other Ad Networks and Paid Traffic

Remember to drop ads from other ad networks like Chitika or Clicksor from your site before applying for Adsense. Google does not allow ads from other sites when they are evaluating your site. You can put ads from other ad networks once your site is approved by Adsense. Google also penalizes site which get paid traffic. Sites which are suspected to be getting paid traffic never stand a chance of getting approved by Adsense. You build traffic through search engines or any other way.

Apply for Approval

You can apply for an Adsense account only through Google Affiliate Network Application. Click on the link ‘Sign Up for Google Adsense account’ and apply for Adsense. Google sends an email confirmation acknowledging your application. You will get another email from Google regarding the status of your application. You can start applying for advertising programs as soon as you get your Adsense account. Advertisers will accept or reject partnerships depending on their analysis of your site and its content.

Following the above steps can help you in getting an approval from Google Adsense easily. But, always remember that Google respects quality and honesty above anything else. Sites which resort to prohibited practices like paid traffic may even be barred from applying to Adsense in future.

Perfect steps which help to apply for Google Adsense Account
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