Optimize Database To Increase Your WordPress Website Speed

Most of the bloggers use WordPress as CMS on their websites. The reason behind this is that the WordPress is very much secure and is can be customize by own. Also it is very easy to post articles in WordPress rather than using PHP or HTML languages. But when we use plugins to make our WordPress website more attractive then its loading speed become slow. This is because a large amount of space is occupied in database with the items that are not needed. So today i am going to tell you about a simple plugin that will help you to optimize your WordPress database and make your website load faster.


So this is the plugin that will help you to optimize your database. Just search the plugin and install it. WP-Cleanup will  cleanup your WordPress database, and following actions will be performed


  1.  Remove all post revisions
  2.  Remove all spam comments
  3.  Remove all unapproved comments
  4.  Remove all unused tags
  5.  Remove all unused post meta
  6.  Optimize MySQL tables by removing all unused table space

Remove All Post Revisions

Every time when you create a post in WordPress. It automatically creates a post revision in database. These post revision are not useful and takes a lot of space in your database thus make your website slow. So WP-Cleanup will remove all post revision and all data associated with it in just one click.

Remove All Spam Comments

Spam comment is the biggest problem for a blogger. Every time you open WordPress and see a lot of spam comments, it will make you angry. Also it occupies a large space of database that lowers the speed of website. So WP-Cleanup will remove all spam comments in just one click.

Remove All Unapproved Comments

Most of bloggers have set comments to be appeared on website after moderation. So that only useful comments are shown on the website. But when this is done some useless comments are not approved and that also occupy space in database.  So WP-Cleanup will remove all unapproved comments in just one click.

Remove All Unused Tags

When you remove or trash any post. Then the tags which you have used with that post are not deleted automatically and there is no way to do so. Unused tags occupies a lot of space in database and there is no use of those tags. So it is very necessary to delete those unused tags. To do so this plugins will help you a lot. In just one click it will delete all those unused tags.

Remove All Unused Post Meta

When you remove or trash any post from your WordPress website then it leave some post meta in your database which are not useful anymore. This will slow down your website. WP-Cleanup works in a manner that it will search and delete all unused post meta in your WordPress database.

Optimize MySQL Tables By Removing All Unused Table Space

WordPress inserts and updates database in your WordPress MySQL database, which left a lot of unused space in your MySQL tables.
To optimize these tables, WP-Cleanup will optimize and defragment these tables so your performance will improve and your database size will decrease and also it will increase your website speed.

Just select all the options in the plugin and then press cleanup the selected items! It will automatically optimize your database and you will definitely feel a difference in speed of your website. So just use this plugin to optimize your database. If you have any query, suggestion or need any help then comment here.

Optimize Database To Increase Your WordPress Website Speed
Written by: AFRIDA YANTI
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