install SQL Server on a Windows Dedicated Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular SQL-based database server application that is used by businesses of all sizes for the hosting of the databases that power both their internal- and external-facing applications. SQL Server is well known for both its stability and scalability so that the interests of all stakeholders can be met with a single application; stability is important for a database server when being used with a popular web application because there could be a number of users impacted if the application is unable to access the database information that it required to operate correctly, whilst a lack of scalability could prevent a database server from being able to function properly when there are a large number of users accessing the database at a single time and a lack of system resources. Microsoft SQL Server is best used on a Windows dedicated server platform because this allows room for expansion through the means of a dedicated cluster when the number of requests being processed increases, whilst having full access to the management side of the application will enable you to optimise the way in which requests are handled and how the database server uses system resources.

Benefits of Using MSSQL Server Over Other Options?

Microsoft SQL Server has been designed to offer the best in performance to businesses of all sizes, with there being many benefits to using this over any other solution available; benefits of using MSSQL include:

  • As a fully fledged database server, it can make more efficient use of server resources and can be configured to work with other servers running the MSSQL platform to form a cluster that will be capable of dealing with a large number of requests at a single time
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases can be used hand-in-hand with websites that have been developed using ASP.NET so you can be guaranteed that with this combination, you will be able to maximise the efficiency of your Windows web applications
  • The other option for the Windows platform is Microsoft Access, but as a desktop database system this is going to lack insight for expansion and will begin to slow down as the database grows; as your MSSQL databases grow, you can be assured that you will see no slow downs or impact on performance.

Versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

There are several different versions of Microsoft SQL Server for you to choose from, based on what your budget is and the level to which you will be using the application. The Express edition of MSSQL Server is recommended for developers and businesses running websites that aren’t going to be placing a huge demand on the database; this is free to use, but there are limitations in place such as a cap on the size of individual databases. The Standard and Enterprise editions of Microsoft SQL Server are the best choice for larger businesses because this means that they can use the database server without any kind of limitations; even though both of these editions can be fairly expensive, the benefits that they will bring to your website in the long run will mean that the cost can be easily justified.

Installing MSSQL Server.

  1. To begin with, you should ensure that you are logged into your Windows dedicated server through Remote Desktop so that you have full access to the operating system’s GUI
  2. Open the setup wizard by double clicking on the icon for the file names ‘setup.exe’
  3. After the setup wizard opens, you will need to review and accept the licencing terms before proceeding
  4. Click the Install button to proceed to the next stage
  5. The setup wizard will then process the pre-requisites that are necessary for the installation of the remainder of the application
  6. Once the above has been completed, click Next to move on
  7. This next stage will show SQL Server ready to be configured with all options checked, you can modify this to suit you as you wish
  8. Click Next and then enter the relevant details
  9. In the next stage you should select ‘Entire’ for the full range of MSSQL Server features to be installed on your dedicated server; click Next to proceed
  10. You can then choose from Windows authentication mode or mixed mode – we recommend mixed mode for improved security with MSSQL accounts
  11. Click Install to complete the installation. Once all of the components that you need have been installed, click Finish to close the setup wizard.
install SQL Server on a Windows Dedicated Server
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