increase Speed of your Modem

Today the users of internet are growing at very high rate. Almost every person who is having computer, access internet from their computer. They use different sources to use internet e.g. Modem, WiFi, Dongle etc. But if you are not getting good speed, here is a simple trick which will help your internet speed. Basically you will be increasing the speed of modem and thus internet speed will automatically increase.

Now, you will be thinking how that can be possible. Yes, it is possible. There is a setting located in your windows registry called as Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU). This basically determines the size of the packets of data sent between your and your server. In Windows XP or Window 7, this setting is having a value more than 1000 bytes, but the actual size of internet packets is 1,000 bytes. So this decrease the speed of your modem. So to overcome this problem,  i will tell you a simple trick. you just have to follow the steps below.


1.) First go to windows registry editor. First click on start button. Go to Run. Then just type regedit.exe and hit enter.

2.) After you get into registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENT CONTROL SET\SERVICES\CLASS\NET TRANS.

3.) In the NET TRANS folder you will find another folder named as “000x”. The x represents the fourth digit.

4.) Right click on the “000x” folder and click on new and then on string value.

5.) Rename the item that appear on the right hand side panel to “MaxMTU”.

6.) Double click it and it will bring a popup to edit string value. Just give it value “1002″.

7.) That’s all, keep changing this MaxMTU value until you feel that your internet connection has greatly speedup.

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increase Speed of your Modem
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