How to increase Pageviews Per Visit and Reduce Bounce Rate

For a blogger pageviews plays an important role in order to make their website popular among visitors. If a visitor come to a website and only check 1 post, then it will be not good enough for that blogger. This is just a waste of his hard work. Their will be many post in his blog that will be excellent but the visitor doesn’t check them. Pageviews are very important  for a blogger because more the pageviews per visit will be, more will be the chances that you get a good Alexa rank and Google page rank. Some bloggers don’t know the difference between pageviews and pageviews per visit. They think that both are same. But in reality both are different. Pageviews are just the total number of pageviews to your website. While pageviews per visit is the average of pageviews by a single visitor to your website. Pageviews per visit is inversely proportional to Bounce Rate. So increasing the pageviews per visit will decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Highlight Related Posts

When a visitor come your website through search engine, after reading the whole post if he didn’t find something else to read, then he will definitely leave your website. To stop him to leave your website you must highlight the Related Posts at the end of your every post. After he reads the whole post, he will see more topics related to that content, so he will also open them to see what is more information given in these posts. So every time he will go to a new post he will see related posts and thus he will keep going to other posts of your website. Thus this will increase pageviews per visit on your website. You can easily do so by installing Yet AnotherRelated Posts Plugin or nrelate Related Content.

Interlink Your Blog Posts

One and the most working trick to increase pageviews per visit is by interlinking your blog posts with each other. This helps a visitor to find related content to the topic they are currently viewing. To do so you can simply install a plugin SEO Smart Links on your WordPress website. The plugin will automatically interlink your posts by using keywords in your post.

Show Excerpts on Home Page

This is basically to show small description of your posts on homepage of your website. Thus user will see many post of your blog at same time. Also if you add excerpts on your website than it will encourage visitors to comment more on your website as it doesn’t have comment form also on that page. So users don’t have to load a separate page for just commenting purpose.

Make Sidebar More Interactive

Sidebar is very important part of every website, theme and design. Sidebar is showed with each and every page and posts. So you can use the sidebar in order to increase pageviews per visit. Provide links to your best posts in sidebar by making attractive headings like “Popular Posts”, “Related Posts”. Also you can show tags, recent comments and recent posts in your sidebar to make it more attractive. This is the most successful and fully working way to increase pageviews per visit to your website.

Make quality content

It is very obvious that if you will write quality content then thy will surely love to read all the posts written in your website. Even if you haven’t followed any of above steps then quality content will help in increasing pageviews per visit. When a visitor will like your post, he will definitely go to your second post and so on. So always try to write quality content and keep eye on internet for the topics which are most popular and write post on those topics.

Try to Make Title of Post Attractive

Always try to write a post with an attractive title. The more attractive will be the title of your post, the more visitors will open it and read it. Thus this will increase the pageviews per visit of your website. Keep that in mind a post having dull title will never be opened or liked by visitors even if the inner content is too good. So make sure to make your title best and attractive that attract visitors to read themselves.

Just follow these steps and you will feel certain increase in pageviews per visit on your website. If i have not mentioned any tips to increase the pageviews per visit, then please make sure you tell me about them by commenting below. If you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

How to increase Pageviews Per Visit and Reduce Bounce Rate
Written by: AFRIDA YANTI
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