How To Increase Battery Life of your Laptop

The users who are using laptop are fed up of just one thing, the battery life of their laptop. The battery of laptop remains only 2-3 hrs after it is fully charged. If you are on a journey or in some presentation and suddenly battery goes empty, then it will create a huge problem for you, specially when there is no power plug available nearby. By using some precautions battery backup of your laptop can increase drastically and also it will prevent your battery from being ruined. Today most of the users work on laptop because they can easily carry it wherever they want. But they can’t carry PC along with them. Laptop has become number 1 choice for students. It is very easy to carry laptop and it take less space. But again battery is that part which is very big problem for everyone. So following are some tips that will prevent your battery to die. Also it will increase your battery backup.

Power Management

By adjusting power management, you can increase or decrease the consumption of electricity. More will be the brightness of your laptop screen more electricity it will consume. Go to Control Panel and then to power options and then adjust the screen brightness of your laptop as low as you can to decrease the use of battery. Also select the power plan as “Power Saver”. By doing this your laptop will frequently go to sleep mode when you will not be using your laptop. Remember when your laptop goes to sleep mode, it will not effect your work, but will save your battery.


In the case you are not working on your laptop, then keeping it on standby mode, it will save a lot of battery and consumption of electricity will be low. But if your laptop have the option of hibernate. Then it will save even more battery than standby mode. You will find Hibernate in power Options.


While you are using your laptop on battery power, make sure you don’t use CD-DVD drive much. Because it takes a lot of battery as the processor use is too much at that time.

Battery Charging

After charging battery, don’t leave it for long time without using it. If your battery is charged then use it atleast once, in two weeks. If your laptop is having lithium-ion battery then make sure not to discharge it completely. If your laptop is having non lithium-ion battery make sure to fully discharge it once in 2-3 weeks and then fully charge it. If you are planning not to use your laptop for long time, then make sure to discharge its battery completely. To know the category of your battery means to know if it is lithium-ion or non lithium-ion, just check the manual book provided by your laptop manufacturer.


If your laptop is running on battery power, then don’t use more than one application or program at a time. Normally we are using Microsoft Office and along with that we are surfing internet on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Keep it in mind that more multi-tasking your laptop will perform, more will be the battery consumption. It will save a lot of battery, if you use only one program at a time.

Background Programs

When you are using your laptop, some of unwanted application and programs run in background, consuming a lot of battery power. So you have to close them to prevent battery consumption. So make sure no unwanted program or application is running in background. Some applications like internet download manager and many more applications and programs always run in background even if you are not using them. So just close them in order to save battery.

Startup Items

When you start your laptop, many unwanted applications and programs start running by itself. So disable them on startup and this will save a lot of battery. You can do so by going to “msconfig” and then by disabling unwanted applications in Startup tab.

Playing Games

Don’t play games when your laptop is running on battery power. Because it consumes a lot of battery and also it has negative effect on your battery backup. Play games when your laptop is plugged in.

Proper Charging

Always discharge your laptop to 3% before you charge it. This will really save your battery. Discharge to 3% and then charge it to 100%. It is better not to use laptop while charging. Charge your laptop when it is power off. This will increase your battery backup. Make sure to unplug charger when your laptop is fully charged. If you will not unplug your charger when it is fully charged, then it will have a negative effect on your laptop battery life.

So just try these methods i have mentioned above and i am sure that you will definitely see an increase in your laptop battery performance. Also it will not die so soon.

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How To Increase Battery Life of your Laptop
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