How To Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Result

It is very easy to know that which page is most visited and which is very helpful and popular by just seeing the order as they appear in search engine. When someone search something on Google or any other search engine, then he barely check only the search result on the first page. A least number of users go to second page. So if your website is listed on second page, then it is for sure that you will not get enough search traffic for that post. Search engines like Google crawls the posts and check their page rank, quality of article, uniqueness, backlinks and keywords and then give appropriate position to a post to be visible in search engine results. You just need to follow the given steps below in order to get placed on the first page of Google search result.


How To Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Result?

Quality of Article

This has become very important to get first page search results after recent “Google Penguin” update. Its is very necessary that you write a quality content. Without quality content, SEO alone will not help you to get first page position in search results. Your content must be rich in quality. Try to write a quality content rich post with minimum 600 words, proper images, videos and screenshots.

Unique Posts

It is very good if you take a post from another website as reference and then write your post. But you must keep this in mind that your post must be unique. Don’t copy and paste the articles from other websites to your websites just to increase number of posts. This is very harmful for you SEO and it will have a negative effect on the positioning of your website in search engine results. Always remember unique posts can help you a lot, in SEO as well as in first page position in search engine results. If you take any post as reference then make sure you write it in your own way. Don’t copy the lines or article. Just change it and make a new fresh content through it.

Effective Keywords

The most important factor that positively effects your search engine ranking is the “Selection of Keywords”. Make sure to use “Google Adwords” to find out the most common search queries. After you come to know about the most common search queries, then write a post according to that. Means use that keyword in your heading, sub-heading and in the paragraphs of your post. Make sure you use the same keyword as name to the main image used in that post. E.g. My keyword is “Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Result” then i am using it in my heading, as well as in sub-heading and also as alt tag for my image.

Relevant Text

Your text must be good and helpful. It must be informative with appropriate details. It must have proper headings. You must use proper keywords with your post. Don’t use too much keywords or your site will be banned by Google for negative SEO. Using 2-3 keywords per page are much enough, otherwise if you use much keywords Google will take your website as spam.

Internal Links

This is the most important part for getting good search result ranking. The more there are interlinks in your website the more will be the number of times your page will be mentioned in the search engines links. It also increase the pageviews of your website.

Get Linked to Other Sites

Google uses the pagerank to determine the importance of a website by checking how many other pages are connected to it or you can say linked to it. Find appropriate websites with related post as yours and offer reciprocal links.

Using Social Media

Make sure to share your website on popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Pinterest etc. The more you will share your post on social media, the more visitors you will get and thus more popularity. This will increase your linking with these websites and thus it will increase your search engine rankings and will help you to be placed on the first page of Google search results.

Use of Sitemaps

Create a “Sitemap” for your website and submit it to Google. Google’s “Webmaster Tools” is the place where you can submit your XML sitemap. This will help Google to know more about your website design and details.

Off-Site Optimization

Try to increase your backlinking. The best way to do so is by “Guest Posting” or “Commenting on other websites”. Make sure that you create backlinks with the websites having the same material as your website. Try to create backlinks with .edu websites. Don’t create backlinks with useless websites. Don’t use free services to create backlinks automatically. Always try to create backlinks with reputable websites that have good ranking.

I am pretty sure that if you will follow these steps by heart then you will see your post on first page of Google search engine result guaranteed. If you have more tips to get placed on first page of Google search engine, then share it with us by commenting below. Follow these steps and share the results by commenting below. If you like this post, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

How To Get Placed on the First Page of Google Search Result
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