How To Get Easy Approval From Google Adsense

If we talk about Google AdSense, all bloggers have dreamed to have an approved account of it. Today Google AdSense is the number one pay per click affiliate system that is influencing many of the bloggers to earn money from it. Daily a lot of bloggers are getting cheque from Google. If a person owns a website and fulfill all the conditions of Google AdSense. Then he can apply for Google AdSense and after he get approval he just have to place the ad scripts generated on his Google AdSense account on his website to show the Google ads on his website. When somebody will click that ad, then the blogger who own that website will get revenue for it. After collecting $100, blogger gets the cheque. It is the best and easiest method to earn money online. The thing you need is a PC, little knowledge about blogging and a working website with top order domain level such as .com, .org etc. If you wanna use Google AdSense then just follow my instructions.


1.) Construct A Website

First step you need to do is to create a website. Buy a .com level domain name that is preferred or any other high level domain name. Buy a good hosting and then construct your website. I will prefer you to use WordPress as you CMS because it will be very easy for you to use it and also as it have many plugins available, that will make your work easier. Google has published criteria for the website that they accept for Google AdSense program. Before you apply for Google AdSense just read Google AdSense policies and terms and conditions. Click here to see Google AdSense – Terms and Conditions. Click here to see Google AdSense program policies. Click here to see Google AdSense policies: a beginner’s guide.

Sure shot Google AdSense Approval

If you want surety that your Google AdSense get approved, then follow the following steps. You must know that you have only one chance for you website to get approved for Google AdSense. If you get rejected you will never again be able to join Google AdSense pay per click program.

  1. If you are in India, Pakistan or any Asian country like India or Pakistan, then wait for 6 months before applying for Google AdSense. Your domain must be 6 months old to get approved by Google AdSense. If you are in countries like America, Australia then you can apply after 3 months.
  2. Make sure you write 100 unique and informative posts on your website before applying for Google AdSense.
  3. Wait until you reach minimum of 500 unique visitors per day to your website.
  4. Wait until you reach 1000 pageviews per day to your website.
  5. Wait until you get atleast 60% of search visitors to your website daily.

According to me you must fulfill this criteria before applying for Google AdSense. After you fulfill all these conditions you can apply for Google AdSense and i am sure that you will get approval in your first try.

2.) Signup For Google AdSense

After you fulfill above conditions then apply for Google AdSense. You must have to enter website URL, website language, your name, address and telephone number over there. Once you complete all the registration process and after reading all the Google Policies, submit your information by clicking on Submit button.

3.) Activate Google AdSense Account

After your application is approved by Google AdSense. You will get an email to activate your account with a link. Just click that link and activate the Google AdSense account.

4.) Create Google Ads

Now login to your Google AdSense account. Click on My Ads tab. Click on New ad unit and create and appropriate ad for you website. Just read the Google AdSense policies for how many ads you can place on your website. But its better to use only 3 ads. You cannot use more than 3 ads. If you do so you Google AdSense account will be disabled. Now after creating the ads you will get a HTML code of that ad. Just paste that on your website at an appropriate place. If you are using WordPress then use plugin like Quick AdSense or Ad Injection. Click here to read the Google AdSense policies: a beginner’s guide once again. Make sure you follow these instructions strictly, otherwise your account will get disabled and you will not be able to use Google AdSense for your website once again.

I hope you will like this post. By following these simple instructions you can easily get approved Google AdSense account and this is a sure shot method. Even i have used this method to get an approved account. But i lost my server, so i lost all my posts and my visitors. Thus i am waiting again to fulfill these conditions. But i am happy that i don’t have to apply for Google Adsense once again because i already have an approved Google AdSense account. if you feel that this post is great and is very useful for you then please comment below. If you have any suggestion or need any help then don’t forget to comment below.

How To Get Easy Approval From Google Adsense
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