How to Automatically Backup Your WordPress Site to Dropbox

Many of bloggers use WordPress as CMS for their websites. This is because the WordPress is the best as it is more secure and very easy to use with lots of customization and plugins available. It is very easy to post articles on WordPress website rather than using HTML or PHP. So when we use WordPress we have to make sure we will never loose our data. So to do this we make backup of our WordPress. But the backup made is stored in the control panel of your server. If any time your server got some error and if it will be changed without any prior notice then the backup will be deleted as well as you will loss all the data. So to prevent this danger of loss of data, it is better to make backup somewhere else instead of in cPanel. Now you are thinking where we can create the backup and how. So this post is about that, How to automatically backup your WordPress site to Dropbox. If you don’t know about Dropbox then i will tell you. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage and file sharing service. It’s become very popular, due to its ease of use and the basic offer of 2GB of free storage space. So it means you can make backup of your WordPress website in that space and i am sure 2GB is much enough for this.

A new plugin from Dropbox is now available that will help you to make full backup of your WordPress site. By installing that plugin you can easily set it up to make automatic backup.

OK, so now get started. To use this plugin and to know how to do that just follow the following steps.

Signup For Dropbox

When you will Signup, you will get free space of 2GB. If you think it is not enough space for you then, it is better that you purchase a plan according to your need.

Install WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin

Now second thing you need to do is go to Plugins>>Add New and then search for WordPress Backup to Dropbox over there. It will be most probably the first result. Just install the plugin and then activate it. When you will activate it, a WPB2D option will come on sidebar tools of your WordPress.

Authorize Plugin With Dropbox

Now just place your cursor on WPB2D and a menu will come on side of it. Then just click on Backup Settings and you will enter a new menu. There you will see an option to authorize Dropbox details, now you will be taken to Dropbox website, just enter your Dropbox details over there and authorize it with your plugin. It will now look like below image.

Backup Setting And Schedule

Now next thing you need to do is to set if you wanna Store backup in a subfolder of the wpb2d app folder. If yes then check the box and if not then leave it unchecked. Second thing you need to do here is to set the timings for automatic schedule and the frequency of automatic schedules. Just make appropriate choice and this will look like this image.

Exclude Files And Directories

Now next thing you need to do is to set the exclusion list of files and directories of which you don’t want to make backup. I will prefer to not to touch this. Make sure all the options are unchecked. You need to make backup of each and every folder and directory. After this save the settings by clicking on Save Changes.

Now everything is set. This plugin will make an automatic backup as per schedule and will save and upload it on your Dropbox account. Whenever you need your backup you can just download that from your Dropbox account. So now onward you don’t have to fear about that you will loss your WordPress data. Just set this up for automatic backups. I hope this plugin will be very useful for you.

How to Automatically Backup Your WordPress Site to Dropbox
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