How Shared Web Hosting Can Benefit Beginners

When starting with web hosting for the first time, it is important to choose a web hosting package that is risk-free, but at the same time will allow you to experiment with different techniques and technologies that will allow you to develop your own web development skills. Shared web hosting plans are the cheapest available from most web hosting companies and so this lends them to be the natural choice for those who are new to web hosting and aren’t looking to spend a great deal of money; the average shared web hosting plan is usually feature-packed to guarantee that you receive good value for money, but the specifications of shared web hosting plans may not be as good as you expect them to be. As well as the low cost of shared web hosting, beginners also stand to benefit from website building applications that are provided with a majority of shared web hosting services; such applications will allow those who have little or no experience of web development to create their own websites with the click of a few buttons, saving them a lot of time and hassle. Furthermore, beginners can also expect to receive a higher level of support than experienced users, something that will put them in good standing for when they are facing issues with their chosen web hosting account; web hosting companies always want to make a good impression on their shared web hosting customers as it is generally these customers who will refer their chosen web hosting provider to friends and colleagues.

What are the main benefits of choosing a shared web hosting plan?

For beginners there are many benefits to choosing a shared web hosting plan over other types of web hosting. These benefits can include:

  • Price – for many beginners, the main attraction of shared web hosting plans is the low price tag attached to the average hosting plan as they are much cheaper than any other forms of web hosting meaning that shared web hosting accounts are ideal for those who wish to get use to managing a web hosting account before they commit any large sums of money to more substantial web hosting plans – the cheapest shared hosting option available will always be a Linux web hosting plan, but if you have a specific need for a Windows shared hosting plan then these are offered by many larger web hosting firms
  • Features – the additional features included with many shared web hosting plans are another reason for them being so popular with beginners as they can usually aid with the website setup and configuration process – one of the main additional features included with a majority of a number of shared web hosting plans is the Softatulous script auto-installer, an addition to many control panels that will allow you to install a number of different open-source web applications into your web hosting account with just a few clicks – another application packaged with many cPanel hosting accounts is RVSites, a website creation application that will allow you to develop a website based on a number of different templates, you will be able to add and remove content as you wish meaning that you can include the text that you want your visitors to read and can also add multimedia including images and videos to give your visitors a more interactive experience
  • Support – beginners will need as much support as possible as if they have an issue with their web hosting account, they won’t be able to solve it themselves and anyone will need the assistance of their web hosting provider’s support team to solve major issues – the main reason for web hosting companies being so keen to provide their shared web hosting clients with such a high level of support is that they want these customers to refer them on to their friends and colleagues, in other words they want to use shared web hosting clients to pick up new clients through word of mouth – however, it should be noted that only larger web hosting companies will be able to offer 24×7 support and respond to support queries in a timely manner because these are the only companies with the ability to keep staff on at all times of day.

What are the disadvantages of choosing a shared web hosting plan?

There are also several disadvantages to using shared web hosting that you should be aware of:

  • Reliability – shared web hosting accounts aren’t known for the reliability because of the fact that you have to share the hosting server with a number of other users, meaning that it is pretty impossible for web hosting providers to monitor the performance of each individual account – if you do find that your website is unavailable because your web hosting provider is having issues with the server on which you are hosted, most will endeavor to resolve such issues shortly after they have been notified of or have identified the problem
  • Security – you will also need to take into consideration that the security provided by a shared web hosting account isn’t going to be that great because the shared situation again means that web hosting providers aren’t able to monitor the security of each individual account and can only say that they have done all they can to protect their web hosting clients and the data hosted on their servers – it is recommended that you don’t host any websites that host or process on a shared hosting server for the sole reason that you could be in trouble if such information is obtained by hackers.

In conclusion, shared web hosting has many benefits to offer beginners and as it is the natural choice for those who are using web hosting for the first time, it is important for beginners to recognize that they should start out with shared web hosting before upgrading to something that can offer them better features and increased resources. Although shared web hosting accounts may have their downsides, these shouldn’t affect those wanting to use web hosting for low-scale testing and development work.

How Shared Web Hosting Can Benefit Beginners
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