How good to make money by Google Adsense

AdSense is revenue generating and sharing opportunity for smaller and medium web sites that advertize goods and services most appropriate for the content of such website and aimed primarily at targeting people who are regulars to the website. The website owners are paid a small amount as compensation for displaying the ads mentioned on their pages. The following article discusses some good ideas that may help to enhance an individual’s AdSense revenue.


Creating a Web Page

One of the hardest parts of making AdSense money is creating a webpage or website. In order to avoid the hardship involved in putting together a website, first-timers can subscribe to Blogger, the free website-creating manual. It is very useful for creating online blogs and making money through them. A new user must avoid being too fussy with the first webpage that they create since it is always advisable to stick to preliminary templates until a healthy income is generated from them. Once a new user has mastered using Blogger, he/she can then graduate to learn using a similar program called WordPress. WordPress enables users to create sites on paid domains that offer a lot more flexibility to the website hosted by them.

Getting Traffic

Fetch traffic is definitely the most important skill that anyone willing to make money from AdSense must learn. Organic search traffic is the only way forward for newcomers intending to have traffic for their websites as social traffic doesn’t work well for AdSense. Friendly visitors won’t click on ads displayed on a new website and even if they do, they are of no use for advertisers trading their clicks. Google pays better for leads that have a good prospect for fetching substantial returns for advertisers than for such leads that have low or no return for the advertisers.

People searching Google for information on a particular topic are ideally the best candidates for generating AdSense revenue. If for example, a person looking for the best student loans online comes across a page dedicated to an article on student loans, it means that the person is interested to avail a student loan and is most likely to click on a related add displayed on the webpage that offers attractive rates on student loans. The clicks on the article as well as the advertisements displayed therein would enable the webpage owner to generate some useful leads for the advertisers and revenue for himself.

Getting ranked for generating organic search traffic from Google

Generating organic search traffic is important since it helps users to get ranked for a set of keywords or important phrases that users may be looking for. If a user is endowed with a top rank by Google for a sought after keyword or phrase, the user’s website is expected to register a lot of clicks from the right kind of people needed for generating revenue as well as leads for the website.

To get a top rank in any of the three big search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN), users are required to follow some basic strategies like putting the most appropriate content on a webpage using tools like onsite SEO and then working on links that assist in strengthening individual ranking. Search engines make substantial use of the links to determine the best web pages in their catchment area. Another traffic related issue that users often encounter is dealing with wrong keywords. Choosing wrong keywords are worth nothing, if they are not able to fetch any traffic to the user thereby reducing revenue generation.

Optimizing AdSense for profit maximization

Another effective strategy to maximize revenue generation includes optimizing Google AdSense to get more people to click on individual web pages. A few tips to optimize AdSense revenue are described below

  1. Testing advertisement positioning in a web page:- An efficient way to gauge revenue generation for an individual advertisement begins by experimenting its size and positioning on a website/webpage. One of the common advertisement sizes used is the 336×280 large sized rectangular ads positioned above title pages of pages like ‘Make Money for Beginners’. An advertisement can also be positioned in a similar rectangular set-up with the text of the web page wrapping around it. Another popular positioning includes the 728×90 leader board positioning stretch crossing the top of the page. By giving each placement 500 impressions of search traffic, users can gauge which one of them get the maximum number of clicks.
  2. Test colors second. After establishing which placement gets the most clicks, users must test the most appropriate color-scheme for the ads. The trick is to use the same color scheme visible on the links. This normally assists the ads to mix together with the links, which is a good thing. After matching link color, users can also try to gauge the effects of using a generic blue as most people still correlate it with links. Finally, a color very opposite to the color of the links visible on the website can be used to gauge the number of clicks it may get. Thereafter, the same procedure of giving 500 impressions to each color and measuring their individual clicks needs to be followed to ascertain the preferred color scheme.


In summation, making money with Google AdSense is easier if a newcomer has knowledge about key concepts like web-page making, familiarity with Blogger and WordPress, doing keyword research, onsite and offsite SEO, establishing links and learning AdSense optimizing techniques. Even though it requires time and patience to start generating substantial profits but persistent use of the aforementioned techniques definitely ensures positive returns.

How good to make money by Google Adsense
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