cPanel Control Panel Hosting

cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels available and is used by many web hosting providers to offer cheap Linux web hosting services; this combined with the simplicity of the control panel means that Linux shared hosting plans are often the best choice for beginners and those with small budgets. When it comes to managing your web hosting account, you will want to have access to an interface that will allow you to control every aspect of your web hosting account with just a few clicks; cPanel allows this and will provide you with access to every aspect of your web hosting account, including a file explorer so that you are able to manage your web space through a web browser as opposed to accessing your files via FTP. As a Linux shared web hosting customer you will have cPanel access provided as a standard feature of your web hosting account, but as a Linux dedicated web hosting customer you will have the option to have it installed on your VPS server or dedicated server; under some circumstances you may not wish to have a control panel installed, but if you wish to have cPanel installed on a Linux dedicated web hosting service then you should be prepared to pay an extra premium for the application. It should be noted that cPanel also comes with the WHM control panel for server administrators and resellers, allowing web hosting providers to keep the more complex tools that are aimed at these users separate.


Benefits of cPanel Web Hosting

There are many benefits to using cPanel web hosting and the cPanel control panel in a Linux web hosting environment as for most people, there are no better options available. Some of the benefits available to you include:

  • Ease of use – cPanel is one of the easiest control panels to use, which is why it is a popular choice with web hosting companies wishing to offer low cost web hosting services to beginners who are unlikely to have used web hosting before – the modular nature of cPanel is one of its core benefits as the WHM and cPanel control panels allow for the complex features to be retained with WHM, whilst the simpler components required for the management of a web hosting account are part of the client-side cPanel web hosting control panel – as well as this, there are also many step-by-step tutorials available to guide you through completing both simple and complex tasks using cPanel so if you do find that you are stuck whilst trying to perform a certain task, there will always be some method of assistance available
  • Security – you will also be assured a high level of security by choosing cPanel for your control panel requirements, allowing you to be sure that any data that you are hosting in your cPanel hosting environment is safe and can’t be accessed by hackers, even if they try – there are a number of different measures that can be taken by Linux server administrators using cPanel to help ensure that hackers aren’t able to gain access, for example using a software firewall application will allow you to automatically block the IP addresses of any computers that are trying to gain access to the server maliciously
  • Extensions/plugins – there are many different third-party plugins/extensions available for cPanel that can be used to add features and functionality to both WHM (Web Host Manager) and cPanel – one of the most popular plugins available is the CSF firewall which will allow you to add a software firewall to your Linux server configuration that can then be controlled using cPanel – you can also get website builder applications that will allow you to provide your clients with the facility to create their own websites throw a web interface as opposed to developing them using a desktop application, saving them time and money in the process – most plugins and extensions can be installed easily and quickly.

Disadvantages of cPanel Web Hosting

There are also certain disadvantages to using cPanel web hosting services that you should be aware of prior to purchasing a cPanel hosting plan, just in case you find that a cPanel hosting plan won’t be able to meet your requirements properly. These disadvantages include:

  • Windows only – one of the major drawbacks of cPanel is that it is only available for Linux web hosting servers, meaning that if you prefer to use Windows web hosting then you will have to find another web hosting control panel that will be able to meet your needs – there are many different Windows web hosting control panels available to meet your specifications, but none will be as feature-packed as cPanel meaning that to some extent, by choosing a Windows web hosting plan as opposed to a Linux web hosting plan you are going to be losing out
  • Choosing a hosting plan – because cPanel is so widely used in the web hosting industry by thousands of web hosting providers, it can sometimes be hard to find the right web hosting plan for your needs as there are so many different web hosting packages of a similar specification available at similar price points, thus making it harder to choose the right web hosting plan – however, some web hosting providers will offer additional features with their cPanel web hosting plans and it is these features that will allow you to select a web hosting plan that can offer you the biggest benefits.

In conclusion, cPanel is a highly adaptable control panel that can be used by web hosting companies to provide cheap Linux web hosting plans for beginners, providing you with the ideal starting point if you haven’t used web hosting before. Although cPanel can only be used with Linux servers, this can also be seen as being a benefit to some extent as it means that a lot of attention has been focused on the interaction between the control panel and the operating system to guarantee the smoothest performance possible.

cPanel Control Panel Hosting
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