Control Panel Woes: cPanel or Plesk?

Like many others you might also have to deal with the same task of choosing the right control panel for your web hosting service as if choosing the right hosting service was already not too much of a task.

Even though there are norms about what control panel you use depending upon the OS you have chosen. However, you still need to know what is good for you and why should choose one over the other.

The kind of control panel you have would determine you well you will be able to control your server and website and perform important tasks related to it such as updating your database, performing a particular task or simply monitoring your server.

And when you consider these points you have to take into account what control panel you use which would allow you to carry out the intended tasks with ease. cPanel and Plesk are the widely used control panels which facilitate performing all the important tasks. However, you still have to choose between one so that you can use the program easily without the help of an expert and that is why you need to know the pros and cons of both.

Features of Plesk Control Panel:

While cPanel is limited to Linux servers only but there is version of cPanel called Enkompass which does work with Windows systems. On the contrary Plesk can be used for Windows as well as Linux operating systems but Plesk is not capable of working with third-party plugins to the level cPanel can.

Although Plesk does provide a higher level of control at the operating system level most of the features it provides are not really needed by a normal user and are mostly useful for administrators and service providers only.

Given the fact that Plesk allows better control there is also a trade off as it is expensive compared to other alternatives and is also slower usually when used with Linux severs which is why mostly users prefer cPanel on Linux servers.

Various Comparison Points:


Features of cPanel:

The major benefit of using cPanel is that it is very user friendly and can be used by anyone with basic knowledge. For webmasters or business owners who have to manage multiple websites cPanel is a great choice. It does not provide unnecessary information and can be used with ease.

Besides having more features than Plesk, cPanel also works without needing any sort of external database. And it also supports number of 3rd party plugins which further add to its functionality and are not found in Plesk.

What’s better?

When you consider the main needs of a control panel the user expects that it should be secure and stable along with being easy to use. Managing databases, emails and using FTP to upload files is required by most of the website owners and cPanel is usually the preferred choice for it. cPanel web hosting is quite popular and used by many as it comes with the control panel and runs on Linux which is also a widely preferred OS for servers.

Control Panel Woes: cPanel or Plesk?
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