Best Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your site is one of the most important steps to create your online brand, your online identity and one of your key marketing tools. Registering a unique domain name is therefore extremely important. Nowadays,  domain names can be registered at a very low cost. So, with a very investment you can create your online presence. All you need to do is sit and spend some time thinking about a unique domain name.

Keep in mind that Domain Names can only contain letters, numbers, and dashes. Symbols and spaces are not allowed in a Domain Name. There are many factors one should consider before booking a domain name. In this article I will summarize some excellent tips to choose a domain name and things to consider before you go and book your domain name!

Domain Extension: Each domain has its own extension. The most popular of these extension is the .com. Depending on the country you stay or choose to have business in, you can select the extension of your country. For eg. if you stay in UK, you would prefer registering a domain extension – .com, .net, .org, .net.  This will help to identify your site as a local one.

Hyphenated Domain Names: These are less likely to be remembered. Although, you will find most of the domain names including hyphens as available. Not that people do not prefer registering a Domain name that contains Hyphens it just becomes hard to remember, hard to explain and spell for people.

Simple & easy to remember: Try to choose a shorter domain name. Short and simple domain names are easy to memorize. Don’t use words that are tough to pronounce or hard to remember.

Consider Alternatives & user Plural form: If your preferred domain name is unavailable you can opt for alternative domain names. For eg. if your business domain name is not available, you could rather choose a domain name what your company sells and provides. Try to use a plural form if possible. Sometimes, a domain name is free in the plural form but not in the singular form.

Avoid Names: You should avoid domain names that are too similar to other brands and your competitors. That way you can ensure that there will be no trademark or any legal problems with the domain name you choose.

Register Similar Domain name and Extensions: If possible try registering similar keyword related domain names. You can easily link these to your main website. Also, if possible try registering the popular extensions like .net, .info,, etc

Choosing a reliable Domain Registrar: It is important to choose a reliable domain registrar. A bad registrar could go bust leaving you without giving access to your domain name. It is worth doing some research and shopping before you pick a domain registrar. Make sure they provide you with a domain control panel from where you can manage the DNS part of the domain name.

Keep your Contact information up-to-date: Once you have registered your domain name, make sure the contact details on the domain name are in your name and up-to-date. Generally all domain registrar companies will do this when you register a domain name, however some prefer to keep it in their name. In case your registrar goes out of business, you can still claim your domain name. Therefore, it is important to have the domain name registered in your  name instead of your registrar’s

Timely Renewal: The shortest period a domain can registered is one year. Some extensions are registered for two years by default. It is important to renew the domain name on time or you could end up losing it forever.

Keep  in mind that every single day thousands of Domain Names are registered by people all around the world. It is likely that many others in the world will share your business name or sell a product similar to yours. So, it is important to register a domain name as soon as you have finalized the name.

I hope these simple tips and steps help you point in the right direction of choosing a great domain name for yourself and your

Best Tips for Choosing a Domain Name
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