Basic SEO Tips To Increase Search Engine Ranking

Every blogger who steps into blogging line, first thing he want to learn is SEO. But SEO is not that much easy to understand and learn. It takes a lot of time to become perfect in SEO. Even professional bloggers that are blogging from few errors are not fully perfect in SEO. But now you will be thinking that if they are not perfect then how i will become? But answer to this simple question is practice makes a man perfect. So keep practicing. Learn e-books on SEO. But it will take a lot of time to do so. So the newbies are thinking what to do till then? So i am giving you some basic SEO tips that will help you to increase your blog popularity, Google search ranking and visitors. The thing is you need to read this post carefully and have to apply it on your blog.

SEO is basically divided into two parts

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On-Page SEO is used for search engine optimization. By applying this type of SEO, your search results will come on first page of Google. But as you know that it is very difficult to be on first page. That is why you need to work smartly in order to get you search result on first page. In this post i will only tell you about On-Page SEO.

So, On-Page SEO means when you are writing a post to be placed in search engine with good rank.

6 most important factors that will help you to apply On-Page SEO on your post for search engines are

  1. Title of the post
  2. Meta Tags [Keywords and Description]
  3. Keyword Density
  4. Using H1, H2 and H3 HTML Tags in your post
  5. Optimizing Images for search engines
  6. Neat and Clean URL


As you know first impression is the last impression. So you have to make the title of your post so impressive that whenever someone will see it, they can’t stop themselves to open that post. This will surely increase your pageviews as well as your search engine rankings. Your title must be of maximum 60 characters. Always use your main keyword on which your post depends in your title. E.g. I am writing this post for SEO tips so i have used it in my title and written the title as “Basic SEO Tips To Increase Search Engine Ranking” and also SEO tips is my main keyword so i have used it in my title. More effective your title will be more traffic you will get from Google.

Meta Tags [Keywords and Description]

Meta tags plays very important and useful role in On-Page SEO. If you are using WordPress then use SEO plugins like “All in one SEO”. This plugin is very useful for On-Page SEO. There you can write the your keyword optimized title. Second you have to do proper keyword research and have to add proper and appropriate keywords in All in one SEO plugin. For keyword research use Google Keyword Tool. Third you have to write a nice and keyword optimized description. Description means by what this post about. Make sure that it is not more than 160 characters.

 Keyword Density

Keyword density means how many times you have used your main keyword in your whole post. In this you have to search for best keyword suitable to your post and then you have to add that in first and last paragraph of your post. The more you will use it in your post, the more chances are there that it will come on first page of Google. But keep in mind not to use them too much. Only use them wherever necessary, not everywhere. Like i am taking “SEO tips” as my main keyword and will try to use it at maximum place in my post. But i am not using it too much, just using it wherever necessary. Your keyword density shouldn’t be more than 2-3%. You can check the keyword density of your post by using this tool Keyword Density Checker Tool. Just check the keyword density and if it is more than 2-3%, then remove the particular word from your post wherever not needed.

Use H1, H2, H3 HTML Tags Efficiently

You have to use H1, H2 and H3 tags very efficiently in your post. E.g. In my post i have used H1 HTML tag in my Title. H2 HTML tag in all my headings and H3 HTML tag in the line “SEO is basically divided into two parts”. Using these HTML tags will give you high ranking in Google Search Engine.

Optimize You Images For Search Engine

Always use alt tag when you upload an image. E.g When you are uploading an image of SEO tips, then make sure to rename it to SEO tips and give alt tag as SEO tips. This will also help you in your On-Page optimization.

Keep URL Structure of Your Post Neat And Clean

Now URL structure of your post also plays an important role in your On-Page optimization. URL structure must be neat and clean. E.g. If you write a post “10 tips to increase your Alexa rank”. Then never use 10 in your URL. Just use “tips to increase your Alexa rank” instead of 10 tips to increase your Alexa rank. Don’t use “,” (comma) and “.” (full stop) in your URL.

So just follow these basic SEO tips to increase you On-Page SEO and you will surely get a high search engine rank of your post in Google or any other search engine. Don’t forget to share your experience after using these techniques. Means how your rank got effected after using these tips. Also don’t forget to share it with your friends and on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any other idea for On-Page SEO then mention it in your comments. If you want any help regarding this then just leave a comment, i will surely help you.

Basic SEO Tips To Increase Search Engine Ranking
Written by: AFRIDA YANTI
Reting: 4.9

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