Are you settling with “cents” from Google Adsense?

We are going to discuss on Google Adsense. Have you ever think why everyone is looking for internet or online business if it going to make “cents” for them? That is because; most of the people are hiding the real truth. Most people shows and says that they made this much and that much of dollars from this and that program. But the truth is bit bitter than this. Most of the people without even 100 visitors per day are saying that they earn $100 per day from Adsense or any other CPC program. They are called virtual empires. They did nothing but saying that they earn this much per day. Just imagine what will do the new bloggers after seeing this. They enter the online business and earn “Cents” from it.I am not saying I am an empire of earning money from this blog. But I am earning considerable amount from this blog for my pocket money.

Here I am going to introduce you some “dos” and “don’ts” while you are making money with Google adsense. I am not saying just by using these methods you are able to make 4 to 5 figure money from Google adsense within a week of two. What I want to say is, use this to support your Google adsense earnings. This will improve the amount of earnings from your online content up to some extent. If you try to earn without making traffic to your blog, the Google adsense will be a joke for your site. First traffic then “Dos” and “Don’ts”


Ah… I forgot to mention you that some people are saying Google adsense is dead or Google adsense is not paying anymore or Google adsense is a scam or Google adsense is not accepting people from Asian countries. All those are not true. Still adsense is working fine and it is not a scam. And it is paying at time and it is accepting new bloggers/webmasters for their program until those websites are published according to webmasters guidelines. I still getting checks from Google adsense once my account reached $100. At the point of writing this article, I have a Google adsense check beside me, which was released on March 2012. The above image (The person with adsense check) shows me and one of my Google adsense check.

Recently one of my close friend from C Halkidiki, Greece told me he is also earning “cents” from Google adsense. So I instructed him what to do to earn bit more from Google adsense. Here is the list of “dos” and “Don’ts” I told him. Go through it and adjust your website according to this list;


1. Update your website frequently

As always I am saying “Content is the king“. Google loves the sites that updates more frequently. If you can add a new post every day, it will be better. Update your blog regularly and keep it fresh with new high quality content. If you want you can add a forum or a blog to your website since blogs and forums are updating more frequently than a website.


2. Don’t put your Google Adsense units on shopping pages

What I mean here is you should not place your adsense units on your primary income generation pages of your website. If you are thinking to earn through affiliate marketing or through your own product you should never place adsense units on those pages. Why I am saying this? because you can earn a lot by selling your product or an affiliate product rather than getting $1 click from Google adsense. If you put adsense from on those pages sometime you may miss the chance sell your product or sell an affiliate product.


3. Don’t add Google Adsense on single page websites

If you have a single page website, it is better to avoid Google adsense on that single page. Google loves content. They don’t like website without content. Other thing is if you still want to add don’t add too many ad units on that particular page. This will often show non related content of your site. So the Click through rate is low. If you have highly relevant content your click through rate is high. This will make you more money. Next reason is single page websites are not search engine friendly (most of the times). So they will not appear in the #1 position of SERP. This will lose more traffic to your website. So your income will be low.


4. Post your content to article directories

Post as much as you can in to article directories. Each time a webmaster picks your article to publish it on their blogs you will get a backlink from them. This will strengthen your blog relationships and it in turn bring your website in to a higher position on search engines. This indirectly means that you will get more traffic and more ad clicks


5. Never ever click on own Google AdSense ads

I don’t think I want to explain what will happen if you clicked on your own adsense units. But for the beginners I want to say never clicked on adsense ads on your own blog. If you do so, you will kick out from Google adsense and you will earn nothing. Not only you, your friends or relations should not click on Google adsense. It is violation of adsense policies. Just to mention you that the Google has a strong tracking system. You will never escape from it by violation adsense policies


6. Target the people rather than targeting the search engines

Most blogger are always looking for search engines and SEO, but not paying their attention on general population. This is a huge disadvantage for new adsense earners. Always think about people and their needs. Give high quality information as much as possible. Always look after your visitors. Reply their comments. Answer their question as you can. Then they will never leave your site. They will share your link. They will recommend your website. You will get more and more visitors and earn more and more from Google adsense.


7. Use a Google adsense optimized website templates

There are templates which are optimizing for adsense. By using those you can increase your CPC. This in turn makes more money from Google adsense.


8. Always do researches with your Google adsense ads

You need to research on your adsense ads. Simply you can change the position and see the amount of clicks you are getting on different places. Then you can see what the places you will get high CPC are. The select the best arrangement for your adsense unitsand improve your income.


Well, just strict to those “do’s” and “don’ts”. This will help you to improve your adsense earnings. I did these all for my site and I was able to increase my adsense revenue from these up to a considerable amount. So this is a post made by me own experience on Google AdSense.

Are you settling with “cents” from Google Adsense?
Written by: AFRIDA YANTI
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